About Me

I'm a 30-something who is searching for guidance - looking to make her life more meaningful and full of happiness. I don't think that I am unhappy, but sometimes I feel as though I take things for granted and want to become more aware of the life that I am living. There are changes that need to be made - specifically with my tendency toward negativity.

I absolutely love reading and I run a book blog over at Snowdrop Dreams of Books - where I let my passion for books run freely. One day I think I'd like to try my hand at writing a novel - maybe I'll be good at it and find a new calling?!?

For now - I'll just work on harvesting the happiness I know is deep within and all around. And I hope you will follow me throughout my journey and possibly even start your own. I'm always open to new suggestions and love finding new blogs to check out, new books to read, and anything else that you may find inspiring - feel free to share links in the comments sections.