Life List

1. Have a pen pal in another country.
2. Send a secret to PostSecret
3. Become a mother. 

4. Fall deeply in love – helplessly and unconditionally. 
5. Climb an indoor rock wall. (2006)
6. Learn to play the guitar/piano
7. Get a tattoo/piercing. (August 2009 - second set of ear piercings)

8. Go camping in an Provincial Park.  (Summer 2008 - Murphy's Point, ON)
9. Volunteer for a good cause. (Ride For Dad - 2004-2007) 
10. Develop a photo in a darkroom.
11. Learn how to make cheesecake 

12. Walk in the surf of the ocean. (Australia July 2004)  
13. Hold a koala bear. (Australia July 2004)  
14. See the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. (1998)
15. Start a real collection
16. Go to Las Vegas

17. Donate Blood.  (2009) 18. Grow a garden. (2008) 
19. Adopt a cat/dog from animal shelter. (February 2010)
20. Plant a tree. 
21. Have a tarot reading done. (thanks Ais!)
22. Adopt an endangered animal.
23.  Make handmade gifts for everyone for Christmas.

24. Own a piece of art from a local artist. (Tammy Shane / Alicia Wishart - prints count right?)
25. Go sing karaoke.
26. Go on a cruise.
27. Find a four leaf clover.
28. Visit a psychic for a reading.
29. Write in a paper journal everyday for a whole year. 

30. Read 50 books in one year. (made it to over 100 in 2006)
31. Complete a Rubik’s Cube at least once. 
32. Meet an author and have a book signed. (Smart Chicks Kick It! Sept 25, 2010)
33. Get married to the love of my life.
34. See the musical WICKED
35. Paint a painting to frame and hang in my home.
36. Buy an amazing digital camera so I can get into photography again.

37. Visit Australia, Greece, France, Scotland, Egypt and New Zealand.
38. Have my dream home

39. Have a library in my home (lots of bookcases and sitting area). 
40. Become an avid recycler, reuser and reducer.  
41. Learn to make homemade spaghetti sauce.
42. Start a blog (August 2010)
43. Order a hardbound book of our photos (vacations, family, wedding?)
44. Join a sport/social club. (Winter 2009 - dodgeball) 

45. Learn to sew (bought a sewing machine and fabric, now to actually make something)
46. Complete NaNoWriMo. (Attempted twice - maybe this year will be the big year).
47. Work on my own Happiness Project
48. Write a book.
49. Learn to knit/crochet